As a busy professional, meeting targets and getting your tasks done can sometimes be overwhelming. What if we told you that mental calm and energised chakras can hugely contribute to your work focus and stability? Yes, it’s true! The likes of renowned freelancers are implementing practices such as meditation and the use of binaural beats to boost their wellbeing and productivity. And they are finding these methods via an incredible source: our online store Calmingaudio.

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The Power of Meditation and Energising Chakras

Meditation is a proven method to reduce stress, improve concentration, boost mood, and promote emotional health. Meditation practices available in our meditation category provide a much-needed pause to your hectic daily schedule and help establish a balanced lifestyle.

Our chakra category provides audio support to guide you in opening your energy centres. Chakras are invisible energy points in your body. When your chakras are balanced and energised, you can feel more grounded, motivated, and creative – qualities that can enhance work performance.

Discover the Magic of Binaural Beats

Have you ever heard about binaural beats? If not, you’ve been missing on a great tool for relaxation and deep focus. These sound waves work on the principle of brainwave entrainment to promote different states of mind, such as concentration, relaxation, or sleep. To experience it for yourself, check out our binaural beats category.

Benefits of binaural beats can include:

  • Improved Focus
  • Lower levels of Stress and Anxiety
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Deep Levels of Meditation


How can I benefit from these meditations and audios?

Our products are designed with everyone, including professionals, students, and freelancers, in mind. By incorporating the regular practice of meditation and listening to our binaural beats, you can experience a reduction in stress levels and a boost in focus and productivity.

What chakra should I concentrate on?

Each chakra represents different aspects of our physical and emotional health. Examine which areas you feel you need improvement or balance in and select corresponding chakra audios from our chakra products.


Incorporating wellness practices such as meditation, energising chakras, and listening to binaural beats into your routine isn’t just a trendy fad. It’s a powerful way to nurture your overall wellbeing and boost your productivity. So next time when you are feeling stressed or low, consider exploring our relaxation and sleep category. Remember, your mental health comes first and it’s okay to pause, breathe and revitalise.