In the hectic world we dwell in, finding time to unwind and relax is often a lost priority. Grappling with work stress, personal life issues and global pandemics can leave one drained, both physically and emotionally. But what if I told you that there’s a solution, that comes neither in a bottle, nor a prescription? A simple, natural practice known as meditation, enhanced with the magical Binaural beats, can do wonders for you. At Calming Audio Store, we understand this need and offer a variety of audio products designed to stimulate energy and chakras.

Boost Energy & Chakras: The power of Meditation

Meditation is a tried and tested technique, traced back to ancient times, aimed at grounding you, reducing stress, and refreshing your energy levels. In essence, it’s about being in a state of tranquility and peace, focusing solely on breathing and disconnecting from the out-world chaos.

The Magic of Binaural Beats

So, what role does Binaural beats play in this process?

  • Inducing a relaxed mental state: Binaural beats are specially designed audio tracks that are believed to stimulate your brain and lead you into various states of meditation. The frequencies help induce a relaxed mental state, enhancing the effect of meditation.
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation: The binaural beats can help stimulate the Vagus nerve, subsequently reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Unblocking the Chakras

What are the chakras, and why is it important to keep them balanced?

Mental tension can block your chakras, preventing energy flow through them. Unblocking these chakras can rejuvenate your energy levels, leaving you feeling revitalised.

Listening to Chakra audio tracks during meditation can align and balance your chakras leading to improved overall health. Discover our collection of Chakra audio tracks here.

FAQs about Binaural Beats and Chakra Meditation

1. What are the benefits of using Binaural Beats for meditation?

Binaural beats can help you achieve deeper states of meditation, stimulate the Vagus nerve, reduce stress and improve focus.

2. How can Chakra audio tracks help to boost my energy?

If your energy levels are low, it might be a sign that your chakras are blocked. Listening to our Chakra audio tracks can help balance your chakras and rejuvenate your energy levels.


Embracing meditation with Binaural beats can immensely improve your mental well-being and increase your energy levels. Visit our store and dive into the world of energy, chakras, relaxation, and much more. Whether you are just getting started with meditation or have been practising for years, we have something for everyone. Your journey to rejuvenation and relaxation starts here!