Racism is an age-old fight that has plagued diverse sectors in the UK, even sneaking its ugly head into the revered ambulance service. The fight against this menace can take an emotional toll and drain you of energy. But what if you could replenish that energy and rise above the negativity through meditation and binaural beats? Yes, you heard right. Binaural beats and meditative chakras can unlock unimagined wellsprings of energy to empower you to combat racism in the UK Ambulance Service and beyond.

At calmingaudiostore.com, we offer a wide array of binaural beats that can help you relax, focus, meditate, and supercharge your energy to combat prejudice and unfairness.

What are Binaural Beats?

Put simply, binaural beats are audio tracks that can influence the state of your mind by leveraging the inherent power of sound. It is believed that some frequencies can stimulate the state of relaxation, focus, creativity, and energy in the brain. All you need is a capable set of headphones and our binaural beats to start this journey.

How Can You Boost Your Energy?

One of the most empowering tools in Earth’s energy fields are chakras, seven power points in the human body. We offer a pack of seven 1 to 2 hour chakra audio tracks, each one designed to unlock a different chakra and invite positive energy and balance into your life.

In addition, listening regularly to our binaural beats for endorphin release can also help boost your mood and energy. These beats have been specifically tailored to stimulate the brain’s frequencies associated with endorphin release.

Why Meditation?

Meditation, a practise as old as humanity itself, has a profound effect on emotional wellbeing, stress reduction, concentration, self-awareness, and overall energy. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine alongside listening to binaural beats can result in a harmonious, balanced, and energized state of mind.


Q: Where can I find a guide to start my meditation journey?
A: You can browse through our relaxation and meditation categories for guides and audio tracks that will assist you in beginning your meditation journey.

Q: How often should I meditate and listen to the binaural beats?
A: Every individual is unique and the frequency of meditating or listening to binaural beats may vary. However, consistency is key. Developing a routine that includes daily meditation and listening sessions can give optimal results.

Q: Are there any health risks associated with binaural beats?
A: Binaural beats are generally considered safe for most people. However, some people, especially those with epilepsy or prone to seizures, should consult a healthcare professional before using binaural beats.


In fighting racism, it’s crucial to keep our spirits high and energy boosted. Our range of energy and chakra based audio tracks can help you achieve this state of empowerment. So check out our collection and remember, your energy and resilience are the best weapons you possess in fighting against prejudice and injustice.