Discover a world of peaceful tranquillity that will infuse you with renewed vigour and zest for life at the Calming Audio Store. Presenting to you a collection of audios that can help soothe your mind, stimulate your body, balance your chakras and immerse you in powerful binaural beats known for enhancing mental health and physical wellbeing, these audios are carefully crafted to boost your energy.

Boost Your Energy with Laughter

Lifting your spirits and infusing you with energy, laughter is the best way to boost your mood. At our shopping section, we have a collection of audios that encompasses laughter-induced therapy, known to have healing properties that can alleviate stress, reduce pain, and even stimulate the immune system.

Experience the Power of Binaural Beats

At Calming Audio Store, we offer a unique range of audios filled with Binaural Beats. These powerful beats can stimulate your brain in a positive way to enhance your concentration, creativity, and sleep quality. Try listening to the Pack 2 Binaural Beats Endorphin release to experience an endorphin rush that can result in a natural high, boosting your mood and energy levels.

The Wonders of Chakra Balance

Balancing your chakras can help to harmonise your mental, emotional and physical health. We offer a selection of audio guides that focus on each chakra, from the root to the crown, enabling you to focus on specific areas if needed. The Pack 1: Seven 1 to 2 Hour Chakra Audio Tracks are particularly helpful.

Discover the Transformative Power of Meditation

Meditation can change the way you handle stress and perceive the world. It can calm your mind, improve your concentration, and provide a deep sense of relaxation. Visit our dedicated section of meditation audios here and start your journey towards inner peace.


  1. How can audio help to boost energy?

    Sound waves influence our brainwaves and can help in relaxation, focus and mood upliftment. They can be a powerful tool in driving away stress and fatigue, thereby boosting energy.

  2. What are Binaural Beats and how can they improve wellbeing?

    Binaural beats are aural illusions created when two different frequencies are played in separate ears. They can enhance various cognitive skills, relieve stress and anxiety, improve mood, and promote deep sleep.

  3. Is Chakra Balancing proven to work?

While Chakra Balancing has its roots in ancient spiritual practice, many find it beneficial to soothe their mind, body, and spirit, leading to a more balanced life.


The Calming Audio Store offers a wide range of beneficial audio tracks to boost your energy and promote mental and physical wellbeing. Through laughter, meditation, chakras, and Binaural Beats, you can discover a new realm of rejuvenation. Start your journey today and embrace the holistic path to a healthier and happier you.