In these modern times, we all understand the significance of being mindful about our energy levels. And one reliable method to boost our energy is by improving our vagal tone through meditation, chakra alignment and binaural beats. When correctly tapped into, these holistic practices can significantly improve our overall well-being. That’s one of the things we believe in here at Calming Audio Store.

Boosting Energy through Vagal Tone Improvement

Vagal Tone Improvement

The vagus nerve is an essential part of our nervous system and plays a critical role in controlling our mind-body connection. One way to enhance our vagal tone – and thus, our energy – is through meditation.

According to numerous studies, meditation – particularly mindfulness meditation – can significantly improve our vagal tone. With a broad array of meditation resources available, you’re sure to find a technique that works for you.

Harnessing the Power of Chakras

Another potent way to skyrocket our energy levels involves aligning our body’s chakras. These energy points run throughout our bodies and provide a natural life force.

Our Seven 1 to 2 Hour Chakra Audio Tracks is a great starting point for you to understand and realign your chakras. It’s a series that offers powerful audio tracks, each tailored to harmonise a specific chakra.

Amplifying Energy with Binaural Beats

Perhaps one of the most scientifically backed techniques to lift our energy and reduce fatigue comes from binaural beats. It’s a fascinating concept that has proven effective for many people.

Here at Calming Audio Store, we have a wide range of binaural beats products, including the Binaural Beats Endorphin Release Pack to help you release your body’s natural happy hormones!


  1. What are the benefits of improving vagal tone?
    Improving your vagal tone can provide numerous benefits, including better emotional regulation, reduced stress levels, and even decreased inflammation.

  2. Can you explain how Chakras can boost energy?
    Chakras are often visualised as spinning wheels of energy along our spine. When these energy wheels are aligned and in balance, it enhances our overall life force and energy.

  3. Do Binaural Beats work?

Absolutely! Binaural beats work by enabling your brain to tune into specific frequencies – this aids relaxation, promotes better sleep, boosts mood, and even enhances focus and concentration.


If you’re looking to tap into higher levels of energy, consider improving your vagal tone, aligning your chakras, or using binaural beats. All these practices are accessible through our store, where we offer a wide range of audio products for sleep, relaxation, meditation, chakras, and energy work. With these resources, you can start harnessing your inner energy today!