In our fast-paced modern world, stressors are numerous and energy can quickly get depleted. Thankfully, tools such as meditation, binaural beats, and the ancient wisdom of chakras can aid us in reclaiming our vitality. On our platform, Calmingaudios store, there are several resources available for those in need of mental rejuvenation.

Boosting Energy with Chakra Meditation

Most of us feel isolated instances of energy drain, but when this state becomes perpetual, we’re dealing with a real problem. Repeated fatigue can stem from energy stagnation or imbalance in our chakra system. The seven chakras, spiralling from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, contribute to myriad aspects of our physical and mental health. Chakra meditations can rectify imbalances within this system, thus boosting our energy.

This energy amplifier meets mainstream meditation when we introduce binaural beats.

Intricacies of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats therapy fuels mental stability by employing multiple auditory inputs with varying frequencies to activate specific brain waves. From promoting restful sleep to enhancing focus, or creating a state conducive for relaxation, the utility of binaural beats are many-fold.

When teamed with chakra meditations, this immersive sound experience can proactively stimulate energy flow within us. We have specifically designed sounds for targeting wellbeing and energy release.

Balancing Chakras with Binaural Beats

The use of binaural beats in balancing our chakras is a synergistic method reaping multitude benefits. Each chakra corresponds to a specific binaural beat, denoted by frequency. For instance, Binaural beats in the frequency of 396Hz help in unblocking the root chakra, thereby laying a foundation for the energy upliftment process.

Beyond our range of chakra specific audios, we also offer resources that support general relaxation, sleep improvement, and increasing positive energy.

Flourishing Energy Levels

Balancing chakras using binaural beats in meditation is an empowering practice that maximises energy levels, enriches our lives, and enhances our connection with our inherent wisdom. At, we aspire to aid you on this journey with carefully curated soundscapes that meet your unique needs.


*How often should one meditate using binaural beats?
For starters, a consistent practice of 15-30 minutes a day can prove to be transformative.

*How soon can I notice an improvement in energy levels?
This is subjective to each individual. However, with consistent practice, noticeable change can be expected in a few weeks.


In the pursuit of energy enhancement, binaural beats, chakras, and meditation amalgamate into an efficacious tool. Embarking on this path of self-recovery can not only revitalize your energy reserves, but also drive you towards a balanced, harmonious life. Start your journey today by exploring our extensive range of resources at