In the fast-paced world we live in, represented by a constant influx of information, obligations, deadlines, and loss, innermost tranquility can sometimes seem distant. There comes a moment when our hearts yearn for a reprieve, shambling under the weight of sorrow, pain, and isolation. At, we seek to provide succour, using timeless tools like Meditation, Energy, Chakras, enhanced by the power of Binaural Beats. Our end goal is Grief Healing: turning the tide on pain, one beat at a time.

What are Binaural Beats and how do they aid Grief Healing?

Binaural Beats

In the realm of Binaural Beats lies a key to transformative healing. These are auditory illusions that occur when you hear different frequency sounds in different ears. Studies suggest that Binaural Beats may help reduce anxiety, enhance mood and promote relaxation.

To help you traverse your grief journey, we’ve crafted packs precisely tailored to induce endorphin release – your body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones. This pack reveals how meditation tunes our heartbeats to the soothing strum of healing.

Dance of Energy: Resilience through Chakras

To understand how energy impacts our journey to restoration, we need to take a foray into the realm of Chakras. Chakras, the wheel of energy, represent the seven energy points in our body. Each of these points connects to a specific aspect of our life.

Our Pack 1: Seven Chakra Audio Tracks have been designed to tap into these power pockets. Harmonizing these energy points through targeted sound frequencies, we promote energy balance, fostering resilience and fostering healing.

Meditation: Realigning the Senses

Meditation serves as a beacon of hope amidst gloom. Its effect seeps in at varying frequencies, from deepened self-awareness to fostering empathy towards self and others.

In our Relaxation category, we have curated soundscapes that guide you in redirecting your focus inwards, engulfing you into a serene tranquillity that fosters healing and empowered coping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use these soundtracks for Meditation?

    Starting with shorter durations, incorporate the soundtracks into your meditation sessions. Gradually extend the duration as your comfort increases.

  • Do you offer a tailored Grief Healing program?

    Yes, browse through our Shopping category, and you’ll find tailored Grief Healing programs supplemented by a range of calming audio tracks.

  • What is the role of sleep in grief healing?

Sleep acts as a rejuvenator and restorative force. With our Sleep Category soundtracks, we promote deep, restful sleep, enhancing your healing journey.


Grief is a labyrinth, but with the power of Meditation, Energy, Chakras and Binaural Beats, we can light up its alleys. At, we render soothing audios and specially crafted programs, providing an empathetic companion for your grief healing journey.